The Welcome Gate is the perfect opportunity to convert first time visitors into loyal subscribers.


It works like this:

Every person that visits your Blog Homepage (E.g. for the first time, get forwarded to the Welcome Gate instead of your Blog Homepage. (E.g.

The reason this page converts so well, is because its a simple Landingpage where the user is asked to sign up.

If they want to, they can still navigate to the rest of your Blog, but its not the main Call to Action as on your normal Blog Homepage.

You can easily enable or disable this feature within the WordPress Customizer, inside the “Welcome Gate” Section.

The welcome gate works best, if you offer some specific bonus that the user gets once he optins to your list.

You can upload your Leadmagnet within the “Page Content” Section of the Welcome gate Panel.

As the welcome gate is only shown once to every visitor, you will probabbly not see it after the first time you visit your Blog Homepage. You can try if it works visiting your Blog Homepage ( in an incognito window in your Browser.


The Welcome Gate is together with the Confirmation and Thank You Page a “Growtheme internal Page”. That means that it will not show up within your WordPress Pages, to prevent users from accidentially deleting them. You can only edit the content, the permalink and any other settings related to these pages within the respective section in the WordPress Customizer.

The Welcome Gate consists of 4 basic sections:

Welcome Gate Header

In this section you can edit your Headline, edit your Subheadline, edit the text of your Call to Action Button, edit the text of the small text below the Call to Action Button and edit some styling options.

If you leave any of the options blank, it will not be shown on the welcome page.

You can upload a Background Image or set a solid color for the background, choose a different color for the transparent overlay above the background image and adjust as well your text color.

Welcome Gate Socialproof

The socialproof section has two different modes. You can choose between them or hide it completely.

If you haven’t been featured yet in different publications, the best thing you can do is to choose “Show a quote”.

The Quote section consist of the text for the quote, the name of the author and an author image. You should choose a popular quote from a well known influencer.

The other option you have is to show logos of well known publications. You can easily upload as many logos as you want. Just make sure that they are in png format, on a transparent background.

You can adjust as well the Background and Text color of the socialproof section.

Welcome Gate Content

The Content of the welcome gate should entice people to sign up for your email list.

To make this easier for you, try to pick content that already has reasonated with your audience. Just log into your Google Analytics account, check the most popular post and try to adapt its content, so it fits the welcome gate.

Inside the Content Section you can use blockquote tags to feature even more testimonials.

Just upload an image for the quote author, write the text of the quote right below it, and put the author name in bold into a new paragraph. Then mark everything and click on the blockquote button inside the editor field.

_images/welcome-gate-content-blockquote.pngDon’t forget to adapt the Call to Action at the end of your content so it fits your copy.

Welcome Gate Popup

In this setting you can set the options for the Optin Popup

You can define a custom headline for the popup

You can define a custom text to go along with the Headline

The text of the Call To Action Button of your Popup

You can use this again to state that you website is trustworthy.

Set the Welcome Gate as your default Homepage

You have as well the option to set the Welcome Gate as your default Homepage at your root domain (E.g. instead of just redirecting only first time visitors.

The relevant setting is a default wordpress setting, that’s why you will find it within the default wordpress settings section. Just go to Settings » Reading. Next within the Front page displays Section, select A static page (select below) and choose the Welcome Gate from the Dropdown menu as your Front Page and any other Page (Usually a Page called “Blog”) as your Blog Posts Page.