The notificationbar is a bar that stretches over the top of your blog. It’s styling is fixed and it will always remain on top of your blog.

It’s a great way to drive attention to special promotions or noteworthy news.

You have the following Options

Enable the Notificationbar

You find the Notificationbar Options within the WordPress Customizer » Optin Forms & Sections » Notificationbar.

There you can easily enable or disable the notificationbar with one click.

Notificationbar Text

You can configurate a custom text to go inside the notificationbar.


Notificationbar Call to Action

You can set a custom call to action text for the call to action button


Popup Headline

You can define a custom headline for the popup

Popup Text

You can define a custom text to go along with the Headline

Popup Call To Action

The text of the Call To Action Button of your Popup

Popup Small Text

You can use this again to state that you website is trustworthy.