The Featurebox is the perfect opportunity to turn your visitors into subscribers.

It shows up right at your Blog Homepage, above all posts.

You have the following Options

Enable the Featurebox

You find the Featurebox Options within the WordPress Customizer » Optin Form & Sections » Featurebox

There you can simply enable or disable the Featurebox with one click

Featurebox Headline

The Headline should state the strongest benefit of your blog.

Featurebox Image

You have the option to upload an Image that will show up on the right side.

Best working is a portrait photo of yourself on a transparent background. If you don’t know how to get a transparent background to one of your photos, someone on fiverr should be able to help.

Depending on the type of image you use you may want to remove the spacing arround it.

If you don’t remove the spacing and are using a photo of yourself it will look weird:

Featurebox Bullet Points / Subheadline

You can define up to five bulletpoints that state what the visitor gains from subscribing to your blog, although the general recommendation is to only use three.


If you don’t want to use bullet points, but a subheadline instead, delete every other bullet points and just leave one.

Be sure that these are benefit statements and are focused on the visitor, not on yourself.

Featurebox Call to Action

Here you can define what the Call to Action Button should say.

Featurebox Small Text

The small text should state that the information your visitor enters is protected and that you won’t send them spam.

Featurebox Background Image, Color, Overlay Color and Text Color

You can upload a custom background image or use a solid color instead. Depending on your Background Image you can adjust the transparent overlay color and the text color to match.


There are generally three Background Styles that work really well with the Growtheme.

The first one is a solid dark color with white text and no transparent overlay color and no background image/photo.

The second one is the clean and minimal standard version of a complete white background, with no transparent overlay color and no background image/photo.

The third one is using a background image/photo and overlaying it with a slighlty transparent dark color and adjusting the text color accordingly to something bright (as seen in the demo.)

Enable Popup Optin

If you enable the two step optin, the visitor won’t see your signup form immediately. Instead he will just see the call to action button and the signup form will show up in a popup after clicking on the call to action button.

Popup Headline

You can define a custom headline for the popup

Popup Text

You can define a custom text to go along with the Headline

Popup Call To Action

The text of the Call To Action Button of your Popup

Popup Small Text

You can use this again to state that you website is trustworthy.