The Author Byline shows up right under the post title. For example on the blog overview page (homepage) where all your articles appear and as well on the single blog post view.

It doesn’t show up on individual wordpress pages.


You have the following Options

Enable Author Byline

You can simply enable or disable the author byline opt-in with one click. The written “by Author” part will remain even if the author byline is disabled.

The show or hide option is only for the “Call to Action” Part of the Author Byline.


Author Byline Text

In this option you can define the text that appears right after the written “by Author” part of the Author Byline. For example: “Get free updates of new posts here”. The [cta][/cta] shortcode is responsible for creating the actual clickable link. In the example the word “here” would be wrapped into the [cta][/cta] shortcode and create the popup link.


You have to include the [cta][/cta] shortcode. If you don’t include the shortcode in your text, there will be no clickable link for visitors to signup through.


Small Text

You can use this small text to communicate that you website is trustworthy or any other additional information.