To save subscriber information that is entered on your website, you need to connect the Growtheme to Mailchimp. This involves typically three steps. First you need to get an API Key and save it into theGrowtheme Options. Second you need to specify a list to use. Third you need to decide between Singleor Double Optin.

Additionally, if you use a Double Optin Process, you need to configure Mailchimp to use the custom Growtheme Thank You Page.

1. Get your API Key

Inside the Growtheme Options Panel » Email Provider click on the Mailchimp Logo to show the Mailchimp Options.

_images/mailchimp.pngNext you need to enter your personal Mailchimp API Key.

Click on the link below the Text field to get your Mailchimp API Key.

_images/get-mailchimp-api-key.pngA new tab will open where you have to login with your Mailchimp username and password if you are not already logged in.

_images/mailchimp-login.pngAfter login you should be automatically redirected to your account API page If not go to it via clicking on your Account Name (1) » Account(2) » Extras (3) » API Keys (4) or click here.

_images/mailchimp-api-keys.pngYou will see a listing of your active API Keys. If you haven’t created an API Key yet, create one first by clicking on Create A Key (1). Next copy the API Key (2) from the text field.

_images/mailchimp-create-a-key.pngGo back to the Growtheme Options Tab. Paste the copied API Key into the Mailchimp API Key text field.

_images/mailchimp-api-key-copy-and-paste.pngNext click on Save Changes to connect the Growtheme to Mailchimp.

_images/save-changes.pngIf you have copied and pasted the API Key correctly, you will see a success notice that the Growtheme is now connected to Mailchimp.

_images/mailchimp-successfully-connected.pngAdditionally the Mailchimp API Status Field should indicate that you are successfully connected with Mailchimp.



If you haven’t created a List in Mailchimp yet, do this now. You can do this inside yourMailchimp Dashboard on the Lists Page or by clicking on this link.


2. Select a List to use

If you have several lists inside your Mailchimp account, you need to choose one Mailchimp List. This is the list where your subscribers will be saved in. If you have just one list, it will already be selected.


Currently it’s not possible to choose more than one list of your Mailchimp Account at any given time.


3. Choose Single or Double Optin

With Mailchimp you have the option to choose between a Single Optin or Double Optin Process. If you decide to use Double Optin, visitors will have to confirm their email address before being subscribed to your Mailchimp list.


For some countries like Germany this is not an optional option, but required by law. Please review the specific laws of your own country regarding email marketing.


Using Double Optin usually results in a higher open rate, less spam reports and a general higher quality list. If you want to know more about this check this Mailchimp Blogpost or the Knowledge Base Article about the Double Optin Process.

You can easily enable or disable the double optin process inside the Growtheme Options »Email Provider » Mailchimp » Use Double Optin?

_images/use-double-optin.pngIf you decide to use a Single Optin Process, you are ready to go. The Growtheme will automatically redirect users to your custom Thank You Page after signing up. The Confirmation Page won’t be used in this case.

If you want or need to use the Double Optin Process you need to configure Mailchimp to use your own custom Thank You Page.

4. Setup the “Thank You” Page


This is only required if you use a Double Optin Process

We have to setup Mailchimp to use our own custom Thank You Page. This Page will show up once a subscriber clicks on the confirmation link inside the confirmation email.

To do this, we first need the URL of our custom Thank You Page. Inside your WordPress Dashboard go to Pages. Hover your mouse over the Thank You Page and click on View.


The Confirmation and Thank You Pages are automatically created upon theme installation. If you want to, you can switch the name, url and content of these pages later.

_images/wordpress-pages-thank-you.pngYou will now see your custom Thank You` page.

_images/thank-you-page.pngClick on the address bar of your browser window and copy the complete URL of this Thank You page. This should be something similar to

_images/thank-you-url.pngNow go to Mailchimp. Inside the Mailchimp Dashboard go to Lists and choose the List you are using the Growtheme with and have selected in the second step.

_images/mailchimp-select-list.pngThen click on Signup Forms and select the General Forms Option



On this page you normally can configure the look and feel of your Mailchimp Signup Forms. As we are using the Growtheme to show our Signup Forms, you don’t need to change anything in particular on these signup form settings as these changes won’t take effect.


One thing you can and should configurate on this particular Mailchimp Page is theOpt-in confirmation email and additionally the optional Final "welcome" email.

The opt-in confirmation email will be sended if you have Double Optin enabled and asks the visitor to confirm their email before subscribing.

The Final "welcome" email is optional, but can be sended once a visitor is subscribed to your email list.

From the Dropdown Menu choose Signup "thank you" page.

_images/mailchimp-signup-thank-you-page.pngPaste the Thank You Page URL you have copied into the text field and Save it.

_images/paste-thank-you-url.pngThis page will now show up once a subscriber clicks on the link inside the opt-in confirmation email.

You are now successfully connected to Mailchimp. Everything is set up. You can now go ahead and customize the Growtheme Options to your needs.