Once you have successfully installed and activated the Growtheme, you will be forwarded to the Getting Started Screen. Here we will take you by the hand following a few quick and easy steps to finish the Growtheme Setup.


First of all: The Growtheme won’t work properly until you have installed the Growbox Plugin as well. This Plugin bundles all the functionality of the Growtheme into a single function plugin.

The Growbox plugin comes prebundled within the growtheme.zip archive so you can easily install it with just one click.


It is absolutely required that you complete the Getting Started Guide. If you don’t do it the Growtheme won’t work.

Click on the Button Let's get started to get to the first Step where you will install the complementary Growbox Plugin.

To continue just click on Click here to install the Growbox Plugin. The Plugin Installation will start immediately. Once the installation is finished and the Plugin is successfully activated, you can continue to the next step.


Click here to continue to Step 3