After purcharsing the Growtheme you get a secure link send via email to download the archive that contains the files of your WordPress Theme.

All you need to do right now, is to upload the .zip archive to your wordpress server, install and activate the theme and follow the steps shown on your screen.


Unfortunately only allows the installation of custom themes and plugins within their Business Plan. That means if your Blog is currently running on you will either have to switch to the Business Plan or your own, self-hosted, free version. (Mind the slightly different name ending in .com or .org). We know that understanding the difference between those two versions can sometimes be very confusing, so if you like you can click here to learn more about the difference between and If you are currently using, then you can follow our quick guide to setup your self-hosted version in less than 10 minutes.

To install the Growtheme, first log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to Appearance » Themes.


Next Click on Add New at the top of the Themes Page.


On the next page click on Upload Theme


Now simply drag & drop the archive you have got upon theme purcharse onto the website or manually choose the .zip archive from your local computer files.

Click on Install Now to install the Growtheme.


You can finish the theme installation by clicking on Activate


Click here to continue to Step 2