The Growtheme comes with a varity of Settings to fit your needs and grow your Email List. You can change some of these settings within the Growtheme Settings Panel and others inside the WordPress Customizer.


Actually you will find most of the Growtheme Settings inside the WordPress Customizer, because its a lot more intuitive than a locked away Settings Panel. Instead, the WordPress Customizer lets you preview your changes to the Growtheme Settings in real time. It makes it easy to give your Blog an individual look and feel that makes you stand out from the crowd. The Growtheme Settings Panel is mainly for administrative tasks without visual representation, like Connecting to your Email Service Provider or importing and exporting a Backup.

After successfully installing and activating both the Growtheme and the Growbox Plugin you will find a new navigation item inside your WordPress Admin Menu called “Growtheme”.


If you click on it you will open the Growtheme Settings Panel.


If you click on any link on the left you open the options for this particular section.

You can learn more about the specific sections in each of the respective parts of the Documentation.