On this page you can configure the general Options of the Growtheme.

Growtheme License Key

To get continous updates you need to save your License Key you got upon purcharse into theGrowtheme Settings Panel (1).

_images/purcharse-confirmation-email.pngJust go to the General Options (2) and paste the License Key into the License Key (3) Field.


Twitter Username

The Growtheme makes use of your Twitter Username in various parts of the Template.

  • If you want to include an “About the Author” Widget in the Sidebar, it shows a Twitter Follow Button right below it.
  • If you use the shortcode [tweet][/tweet] to create a “Tweet This”-Box it appends avia @yourusername to that tweet.
  • You can include a twitter share button on the “Thank You” page. If someone shares your website it will append a via @yourusername to that tweet.


Follower Button Example


Tweet This Example


Share Button Example


Email Input Field Placeholder

If you change this all your signup forms will change the placeholder for the Email Input Field. Usually this should be set to something like Your best email.




Show First Name Field

Here you can enable and disable to show and ask for the first name of your subscribers. This will update all your signup forms as well.


If you decide to ask for the first name conversion rates usually drop a little bit. Normally its the best to ask as few things as possible from your visitors.

But the First Name is maybe worth an exception. Studies have shown that your emails will get more persuasive in certain situations if you can use the first name of your subscribers.


First Name Input Field Placeholder

This updates the placeholder of the first name input field of all your signup forms.




Make the First Name Input Field required

If you set the Firstname Field to required, visitors must enter they name to subscribe to your email list. If they don’t enter anything an error message will appear.




Custom JavaScript Code

In this field you can paste any javascript code that should show on all of your blog pages. Typical examples for this would be you Google Analytics Code, your Facebook Tracking Pixel, or any other tracking or service code that contains javascript.

You can just paste the codes you want to include in your pages one after another.


Custom CSS Code

In this field you can paste any custom CSS code that should be applied to all of your blog pages. Of course this is an advanced functionality only recommended to developers or Bloggers who know a bit of CSS and HTML.