Follow these steps if you would like to combine a Double Optin Process together with the delivery of a content upgrade within Drip. This article is based on two existing Blueprints within the Drip Knowledge Base. One explains how to deliver a Leadmagnet through a Workflow and the other shows you how to implement a Single Double Optin Workflow.

The first thing you have to do is enabling the “Double Optin” Option within the “Email Provider” Settings Section of the Growtheme Settings Panel:

This will automatically apply a “unconfirmed” tag to all new subscribers which don’t yet exist within your Drip Account and are being subscribed to a workflow.


Double Optin through third party integrations that use the Drip API like the Growtheme work a bit different than the Double Optin you may know from the standard Drip Forms. Subscribers which subscribe through the API will always show up in your account, whether or not they have confirmed their email yet. By enabling “Double Opt-in” within the Growtheme Settings, you can tag these unconfirmed subscribers and remove the “unconfirmed” tag within your workflows. This is the officially recommended way by Drip.

Next you have to create a new Workflow for each Content Upgrade you want to use.

You don’t have to define a trigger for the workflow within Drip, as you can choose to subscribe new subscribers directly to the workflow from each Optin Form instead:

This is the workflow we are going to create: (Please note how we left the “Define your trigger…” empty)

The first step is to apply a Tag for the specific Content Upgrade we are giving away. This is an optional step, but can be helpful if you would like to segment subscribers who have downloaded a specific Content Upgrade later.

Next we check if we are handling a unconfirmed subscriber. The “unconfirmed” Tag is given via the Growtheme API subscription if you have Double Optin enabled within the Growtheme Settings Panel. If someone is already a confirmed subscriber, we can send him the Content Upgrade directly. If he is not, he has to go through the Double Optin Process.

The “No” path can contain a simple email with a direct link to the Content Upgrade.

The “Yes” path is our Double Optin Process.

Before you go on to create the next emails, make sure to create a “Goal” within the “Yes” Path that says “Clicked a trigger link”.

To create the trigger link, copy and paste the link to your content upgrade, but instead of using the direct link within your emails, use the “Auto-generated Trigger Link” from Drip instead:

Within your “Double Optin Confirmation” Email, you can use the “auto-generated Trigger Link”. This way you will know if a subscriber clicked on the download link and he will move automatically to the next step after the goal step. This works like a “Confirmation Link” that goes directly to your Leadmagnet.

The last step after the goal step is simply removing the “unconfirmed” tag. If you like you can now subscribe the subscriber to a specific welcome campaign that is within the same “yes” path or subscribe all subscribers to a specific workflow or campaign that follows after downloading the content upgrade. These steps are completely optional, depending on your situation it can be enough to just exit the workflow.

Beside this workflow, you may want to create another workflow that automatically removes unconfirmed subscribers from your Drip Account. This is a very simple workflow, which checks after 7 days if a subscriber is still tagged “unconfirmed” and thus has not clicked any of the download links. If thats the case he will be removed from your Drip Account.


You should make sure that you always exclude subscribers who are tagged “unconfirmed” from your Campaigns and Broadcasts.