To save subscriber information that is entered on your website, you need to connect the Growtheme to some Email Service Provider. If you are using an email service provider that is not currently natively supported, you can still make use of the theme. Just choose Custom HTML Integration.

1. Get your HTML Form Code

Most Email Service Providers will offer you to include their optin forms with a custom HTML Code.


Some email service providers offer you the option to include their optin forms with a single line javascript code. This won’t work with the growtheme, you need an actual html form code.

Search for the area inside your email service provider where you can edit your optin forms and than try to include it looking for something that says “HTML Code”, “Embed”, “Form Code” or something similar.



2. Paste the HTML Form Code inside the Growtheme Settings Panel

To connect via the custom HTML integration, go to the Growtheme Settings Panel »Email Provider Settings and choose Custom HTML.

Then paste the code you copied from your email service provider into the text field.

Just copy and paste it as provided by your Email Service Provider. Don’t worry about any additional markup like JavaScript or CSS Code. The Growtheme will only extract the relevant form and input fields.

Next click on Save Changes to connect the Growtheme using the Custom HTML Integration.

If the Growtheme has been able to connect successfully using your HTML Form Code you will see this success message:


You need to test if your optin forms work properly, as this integration depends a lot on your Email Service Provider and the custom HTML Code. Unfortunately there is no way for us to test it with every single available email service provider. Just make sure that your subscriber data is being saved and if that’s not the case, Get Premium Support.