Post Specific Bonuses are one of the fastest and easiest way to build your email list. Instead of trying to convince every visitor with the same download, you create specific downloads for each of your posts that convert a lot higher than usual.

The Growtheme makes it really easy for you to set up a post specific bonus within a WordPress Post.

You will find the option to upload a bonus to a post on the post edit screen inside your wordpress admin panel.


Just click on any post where you want to add a post specific bonus to and open the post edit screen.

If you scroll down you will see a Growthem box called “Post Specific Bonus”.


If a user clicks on any link to download the post specific bonus a popup will open to ask him for his email address.


After he has entered his email address he will be depending on your opt-in process forwarded to your confirmation or thank you page. On this page he can download his bonus.

You have the following options:

Show a Post Specific Bonus

You can easily enable or disable a post specific bonus by clicking on this control.

If you enable it all other options will become visible. If you disable it all other options will be hidden.



If you had set up a post specific bonuses previously and disable it later, the shortcode inside the individual post will not be shown until you reenable the bonus.

Popup Title

You can set up a custom Headline for the popup to download the bonus.


Popup Text

You can set up a custom text to go along with the headline of the popup.



Popup Call to Action

You can set up a custom text to use for the call to action button of the popup.



Upload your Lead Magnet

You need to provide a file that the user can download after entering their email address. This is the actual post specific bonus. This can be anything, from a .zip, .PDF or Excel Sheet.


Depending on your Email Marketing Provider this option looks maybe slightly different. Some Email Marketing Providers like ConvertKit or Infusionsoft allow you to send individual confirmation emails for every sign up form. That means that you can send the actual Bonus inside your Confirmation Email, instead of offering it as a Download Link on the Confirmation Page. If that is the case with your Email Marketing Provider, you will see the option to choosing a form, tag or campaign instead for this Post Specific Bonus instead.

Upload your Preview Image

If you use a post specific bonus a download box will be automatically appended on the bottom of your post. This download box uses a custom preview image you can upload here. Just make a screenshot of your actual bonus.

If you don’t want to show this box, just leave it empty. If you don’t have a good image of your bonus, try uploading an image that contains just one single color.


Post Specific Bonus Notification Box

You can use the [bonus][/bonus] shortcode anywhere inside your post to create a notificationbox. To insert this shortcode you can just click on the “Insert Bonus Shortcode” Button inside the Post Editor Toolbar.


This shortcode has two parts. The first one is the text between [bonus] and [/bonus]. You can set it to anything you want, so for example:

[bonus]Exclusive Bonus: Click here to download something extremely valuable that cost me months to create[/bonus]

This will define the text that goes inside the notification box.

The second part is the text you want to use as a link to open the opt-in popup. You can simply wrap the text you want to use as a link between [link] and [/link].

So you would only need to adjust the above example like this:

[bonus]Exclusive Bonus: [link]Click here to download[/link] something extremely valuable that cost me months to create[/bonus]


As long as you are inside the same post where you have Set up a Post Specific Bonus you can use the [link][/link] shortcode to link any text to the post specific bonus.



Currently it is not possible to use post specific bonuses outside of the post where you have Set up a Post Specific Bonus. So you can’t link to the opt-in box of a post specific bonus outside the post itself.