We love getting in contact with our customers! But, if you need help chances are good that your question has already been answered before. Thats why the fastest way to resolve your problems is making sure that you took a look at our thoroughly Documenation first.

Whenever you have a question that is not answered in the Documentation or encounter any kind of problem related to the Growtheme, remember that we are happy to help and just an email away. You can write us directly to and we usually reply and resolve your issue within 24 hours (often less).

Please make sure to include the domain where the Growtheme is running and if possible the following login credentials so we reduce needless going back and forth before taking a deep look into the causes for your particular problem:

  • WordPress Admin Login (Login URL, Username, Password)
  • FTP Server Login (Server, Username, Password)
  • Optional: Web Hosting Provider Login (Provider, Username, Password)
    This is only necessary if you are not sure of your FTP Server Login. Your Hosting Provider is usually the place where you bought your Domain Name.

Remember that all your details will be kept private. If you’d prefer, you can create as well temporary user names and passwords and then delete them once we are finished helping. Also, please test the login information before you send this to us to make sure it works!