All theme files get overwritten when you install a new update. That’s why you should never make any changes to the theme files itself, because you will loose all your precious customizations as soon as there is an update to the theme files available.

So if you want to do any changes to the style or functionality of the theme itself, please do so in the respective fields inside the Growtheme Settings Panel.

This prevents that your changes get lost when updating the theme.

Custom CSS:

The most common used field, to add additional styling to the growtheme, is the Custom CSS Field. You find it within the “Styling” Section. Here you can add any CSS Code you want.

Custom JavaScript:

You probabbly use Google Analytics, or want to add any other thirdparty analytics or code to your Blog.

To do so, you can easily use this field and paste the code you got right here.

Common Custom CSS Requests

Here are some of the most common requests that can easily be resolved with some custom CSS:

The Growtheme uses for links within your content by default your primary color. If you primary color is a very dark color, than maybe your links don’t stand out enough from normal next. You can change the text color for your content links easily with this bit of custom CSS:
#primary .entry-content p a,
#primary .entry-content ul li a,
#primary .entry-content blockquote a,
#primary .entry-content table a {
color: #d6a83d; // Change this value
text-decoration: underline;
If you don’t want to “underline” your links, your remove the line that says text-decoration: underline;. You would have to replace the red #hex code with your own custom color. You can get the #hex code for a color within graphic programs like photoshop, or simply by googling “hex color picker”.